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One Platform. One-stop Solution!

Fastest-growing decentralized P2P exchange platform built to invest.

This technology-driven platform is designed to address and meet every demand of crypto enthusiasts. Blockchain technology is utilized to eliminate centralized financing and empower decentralization, and the platform is a one-stop solution integrated with segment-first features.

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace!

Trade seamlessly in a completely decentralized ecosystem.

Ceasium is a global peer-to-peer crypto trading platform building an exponential financial system for the masses. We have brought in advanced financial services and use blockchain technology to provide everything you need for hassle-free trading and investment.

  • White-label P2P crypto exchange tailored to meet global market requirements.
  • Highly secure and anonymous decentralized exchange eliminating intermediaries.
  • Use any payment method to buy or sell crypto in the Peer-2-Peer marketplace.
  • Notable features and functionality taking trade privacy up a notch with P2P trading.

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Token Information

CSM Token – A simple investment instrument.

Maximize your returns on your crypto portfolio on our P2P exchange with a token built to invest, trade, and earn. Build wealth the smart way!

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    Binance Smart Chain
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Platform Features

Next-Gen feature-loaded P2P Portal!

We believe that cryptocurrencies will be revolutionizing the finance ecosystem with technological transformations.

Dispute Management

An efficient dispute management system redresses disputes instantly and rectifies them.


Proven Reliability

Serving crypto enthusiasts for years with 24/7 dedicated support and industry-leading services.


Decentralized Platform

Caesium is a futuristic decentralized platform that is based on Distributed Blockchain Technology.


Instant Transactions

The platform can handle multiple transactions every second to match the surging demand.


Future-ready core features of the platform!

Grow your crypto portfolio with Caesium and reach more traders across the globe. Tap into the booming peer-to-peer network and explore the opportunities.


Strengthened Security

Security of the transactions is increased with the blockchain’s public ledger eliminating the need to worry about the authenticity of the transactions.


Lowest Fees

On Caesium, the transaction fees are kept low and only a small amount of transaction fees will be charged upon completion of the buy or sell orders.


Advanced KYC & AML

The platform is integrated with advanced KYC and AML verification processes which makes it more efficient for seamless P2P crypto transactions.


Trader Selection

Crypto buyers and sellers on the platform get the flexibility to choose their preferred buyers and sellers which gives a trusted trading experience.


Multiple payment options

P2P exchanges give the sellers and buyers the freedom to determine how want to be paid. Payment methods include - bank transfer, cash, and multiple e-wallets.


Multi-language support

The platform supports multiple languages to give you global access to traders. Caesium delivers the best user expertise from every corner of the world.


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Frequently Asked

01. What is P2P crypto trading?

In P2P crypto trading, the users directly buy or sell cryptocurrencies from each other on a P2P exchange or marketplace. A P2P exchange serves as the trade facilitator by providing a platform for buyers and sellers to broadcast their offers.

02. Am I protected as a P2P trader?

All crypto trades on a P2P exchange are protected by blockchain technology. This suggests that in case a seller does not release your desired crypto, then the customer service agents can spring into action and release the crypto from reserved funds.

03. What is a funding wallet?

There are various wallets for different trading purposes. When users initiate P2P trading on a P2P exchange, they need access to a P2P Wallet. Crypto purchased from P2P trading will be transferred directly to your Funding Wallet. However, to sell crypto via P2P exchange you need to transfer your funds to a funding wallet first.

04. How to buy and sell on P2P exchange?

To buy and sell on a P2P exchange you must first create an account on Caesium and pass the identity verification phase before conducting the first transaction on the platform. All P2P sellers on the platform are subjected to stringent verification procedures.

05. What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain is one of the most advanced technologies, that makes it possible to build applications where multiple parties can record transactions without the need for a trusted, central authority to ensure that transactions are verified and secure.

06. How do I buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies?

In order to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency on your personal Caesium profile, you need to verify your identity with Caesium, including providing an SSN or ITIN.

01. Do I need to wait for transaction confirmation?

Receiving notification for payment is almost instant on Caesium. There might be a slight delay in confirmation before the network starts confirming your transactions which will be included in a block. Transaction confirmation will suggest that there is a consensus on the network and the cryptos received will not be sent to anyone else.

02. Is Caesium a secure platform?

A P2P crypto exchange platform is based on blockchain technology with protocols and cryptography in place. The platform has a strong security track record and Caesium’s network is the largest distributed computing project on the globe today.

03. How are funds recovered in case of transaction failure?

If a crypto buyer makes a payment and then cancels the transaction later, then their detail will be shared with the seller and ask them to refund the payment back to the buyer. This ensures that the respective buyer or seller receives their funds with the payment proof.

04. How much will be the transaction fees?

The good thing here is that transactions can be processed without any transaction fees, but free transactions would require waiting for days or weeks as well. There may be an increase in fees over time and the normal platform fees will only cost you a tiny amount.

01. How to post ads for buying or selling crypto?

To buy or sell crypto you need to select the “Buy or sell crypto” option provided on the platform. This will guide you to the P2P trading page. You can create your ideal advertisement by configuring the advertisement type to buy or sell. Confirm that all the information provided in your advertisement is accurate.

02. What is P2P appeal handling?

Caesium offers appeal for both crypto buyers and sellers. As a seller, you need to appeal in order to receive the payment from the buyer where the amount might not be correct. Whereas, as a buyer, you need to appeal because you have made the payment but the cryptocurrencies are not released by the seller.

03. What are the general P2P merchant guidelines?

P2P merchant guidelines are set to create a secure and reliable trading environment for Caesium platform users. There is a certain rule mandated that all P2P merchants need to follow and abide by. Example - Be honest, polite, and fair, be responsible for your ads, do not cancel orders arbitrarily, etc.

04. When will my P2P Ad become hidden?

For buy ads – as a verified advertiser your ads will be automatically hidden if the outstanding orders are over 7 orders. The ads will be visible again when the outstanding order drops to 4. For sell ads – as a verified advertiser your ads will be hidden when the outstanding orders cross 50. Once the ad number drops to 40, your ads will be made visible automatically.